Shade-grown coffee

Coffee with purpose

Finca los manantiales

  • 1100 m asl
  • local producer
  • high-grown


1. From producer to your cup

Our new reality started with a society moving towards local consumption, where the small producer is seeking to add value to their products and reach the end-user directly. Obtaining a faster activation of the local economy, allowing to enrich the area and the producer families. An initiative of young people with vision and desire to raise the name of the High Mountains of Huatusco, Veracruz, Mexico.

2. Shade-grown coffee

While intensive coffee crops (sun-grown coffee) can have higher yields, shade-grown coffee outperforms them in terms of sustainability. In various studies, shade crops stand out especially in conserving habitat for animals, birds, soil erosion, carbon sequestration, and improving pollination. Besides, they are less sensible to the repercussions of climate change.

3. Initiative againts climate change

Some of the global warming prediction is the reduction in the coffee-growing area of ​​up to 30 percent by 2050. Some of these changes will occur in high-quality coffee production areas, such as the high mountains of the Veracruz region in Mexico. Therefore, it is crucial to generate actions to mitigate the activities that have caused this climate change.


4. Technological development and innovation

Caffè 1100m seeks to create a synergy between artisanal and technological. Through the integration of technology, young and the most experienced people, we are looking to complete the productive cycles by bringing our coffee directly to your hands. And, thanks to your support, we will be able to restore the Mexican countryside along with the mitigation climate change effect, every time you enjoy a good cup of coffee.

About us


Process: washed coffee | Varieties: geisha, catimor, costa rica 95, colombia y marsellesa
Biodegradable packaging and modular design

americano blend
500 g | #shadegrown #consumelocal
traditional blend
500 g | #shadegrown #consumelocal
espresso blend
500 g | #shadegrown #consumelocal
americano blend
1 Kg | #shadegrown #consumelocal
traditional blend
1 Kg | #shadegrown #consumelocal
espresso blend
1 Kg | #shadegrown #consumelocal

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